7 Small Changes That Can Make a Big Impact on Your Weight Loss

7 Small Changes That Can Make a Big Impact on Your Weight Loss

Making some small changes to your daily life can fasten your weight loss and improve your optimal health. You don’t have to visit the gym 6 days a week or give up on everything you enjoy eating. Here are some tips on how to improve your overall health and slash couple of pounds without too much effort.

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  1. Forget about skipping breakfast

This is a common mistake people are making in their fitness and weight loss journey. They are probably thinking that fewer calories mean faster weight loss. Au Contraire! Breakfast is very important for starting up your metabolism. Faster metabolism means burning more calories. Also, breakfast literally means breaking your all-night fasting. If you skip it, until lunch your body is already in a starving mode, taking the energy directly from your muscles, leaving your fat stores intact for a possible famine.

  1. Drink plenty of water

drink more water

Water has the ability to clean and detox every organ and your entire body. Drink it a lot! We know it’s hard for some people to stay on track. If you’re one of them, try installing a phone application to notify you. Or simply keep the bottles around, on your desk, on the kitchen counter, even on the coffee table in the living room. It is extremely important to consume at least 8 glasses of water or herbal teas every day. The best option is green tea. It is full of antioxidants and helps fasten up the metabolism and speed the weight loss. Just avoid the soda!


  1. Eat your carbohydrates early

Carbs are easiest to digest early in the morning. Try eating them for breakfast and no later than 3 PM if you are not much active after the working hours. It’s important to eat a well-balanced diet so do not remove carbs from your diet; just try eating them in a period of the day you are most active in.

  1. Walk more

Ditch your car if your desired destination is not that far away. Try walking to work, dry cleaners or a supermarket. Also, ditch the elevators! Use the stairs whenever possible. This change will burn big number of calories throughout the week. Replace your chair with a standing desk. If this is not possible, at least stand up once in a while and walk for several minutes around the office.

  1. Analyze your cravings

When you are craving candy or cake, your body is craving some important nutrients and minerals. Instead of indulging in candy, try eating a piece of fruit. Of course you don’t have to give up candy completely; it is not even natural to waive everything we like to eat. Just try eating 80% clean and healthy through the day and the remaining 20% is reserved for the things you enjoy. Just don’t go overboard with it!

Healthy Salads

  1. Use smaller plates

Majority of people are eating a lot more than it’s necessary. We are stuffing our plates and we don’t want to throw away perfectly good food, so we eat it. Trick your brain! If you take a smaller plate, you will eat a lot less than you used to. Also, try using blue plates. It is scientifically proven the color blue helps eating less by suppressing the appetite.


  1. Avoid caloric salad dressings

Salads can be deceiving. You can give up your favorite meal and order a salad and get plenty of calories only in its dressing. Avoid fast food chains’ salads. They are often fully soaked in fatty toppings. Make your dressings with some olive oil, apple cider vinegar and your favorite seasonings. Apple cider vinegar can actually help you fasten your weight loss goals.


Perhaps the most important tip is to not be hard on yourself. Stress and obsessing about the weight can be counterproductive. In fact, stress often keeps the weight on. Eat clean, take these tips into account, workout or simply walk as often as you can. Get rid of any temptations from your house and you will be fine.


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